Our Enhancement program is 90 days designed to embrace the damaged parts, forgive and gain compassion for yourself while exploring your desires and taking ownership in creating the life you deserve.

Our process is interactive and requires you to be open to explore holistic changes that may need to be made on various levels.

We commit to making YOU our priority. We will engage with you every step of the way through weekly coaching sessions, assignments, tasks and workshops all compiled from years of experience. We coach you to be your best, so that you can create the life that you desire.

Every client begins with an introductory coaching session so that we can learn more about you, answer any questions you have about coaching, explain how we work in more detail, and make sure we’re a match. It’s important that we feel like we’re a great fit, and that you’re as committed and willing to Us to make this happen as we are to you. If not, the program simply won’t work. We are here to set you up for success.

Focus Areas Covered in Your Sessions and Assignments:

• Self-Awareness

• Self-Esteem

• Self-Acceptance

• Self-Worth

• Vulnerability

• Motivation

• Focus

• Productivity

• Creativity

• Habits & Routines

• Health & Wellbeing

The Process

First Journey

Stage of Self Discovery

During the first 30 days of the program you will learn practices that will help you discover yourself and uncover the deep pieces within that make up You.

Second Journey

Stage of Self Acceptance

The next 30 days will take what you learned in the first journey and connect them to all the broken pieces. You will work on cultivating a synergistic relationship within yourself of all of your parts. You will learn to celebrate your beauty, your vulnerability and accept your value.

Third Journey

Stage of Self Worth

In the final stage, you will practice taking ownership of yourself and valuing who you are. You will learn to activate the courage to be vulnerable in owning your life and taking control of all aspects of your life.


Level 1 - Soft

This is your basic level with the expectation that you will submit to the process and follow the orders given to you by the Goddesses.

Level 2 - Moderate

This level adds a little more fun and kink to the assignments and exploration. You will be required to complete a Limits List which contains certain types of assignments you would say "yes", "no" or "maybe" to. All of the interactions are virtual.

Level 3 - Heavy

At this level, you have openly accepted yourself as someone with a submissive personality and would like your growth plan to incorporate aspects of kink that involve mental and/or physical submission.

How the Process Works

Chat With An Expert

Your enhancement begins with a digital video session with a Goddess. This will provide an opportunity to learn more about the process, your motivations, your goals and allow us to begin designing your program.

Weekly Sessions

Each week you will have the opportunity to video chat with a Goddess to review your progress and assignments, discuss what you have encountered thus far, and go over new assignments for the following week.

Weekly Dedications

Through the course of the program, you will be given tasks and prompts to work on. Each assignment will be a way to reflect on and express what you learn about yourself and what is being released from within.

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