Male Chastity Cages

Chastity cages can cause sexual pleasure and arousal for many men. In our 90 day course, we believe that a chastity cage can be a great way to help a man focus on himself, his non-sexual desires, his goals and work on his emotional growth in a more focused manner. By not having access to his penis, it eliminates the distraction of sex, masturbation, and unexpected arousal.

Different Styles


More comfortable for longer wear. Easier to clean and provides more air to the skin.


These are better for short term wear. Popular and light weight

App Controlled

These tend to be more bulky but allow the key holder to access it via a code virtually.

Size Matters...

Cock cages come in different sizes. There are two measurements you will need - the ring and the tube. Below we have provided some simple steps to find the size for you.

Sizing for your chastity cage is very important, whether you buy from our standard sizes or you want a custom fit. Penis size is often the cause for concern for men. Remember its not the size of it that matters, it is whether it is locked up or not.

Finding your Measurements

Finding the right one for you

The Ring

Will be behind the scrotum and secure the cage in place.

The Tube

Where the penis will be caged.

The Gap

It is the space between the ring and the tube.

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